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From portable sound systems to unique LED lighting, here you will find everything you’ll need to get started, as well as a host of accessories, from speaker stands to protective covers and dedicated cables to complete, enhance and protect your valuable equipment.

What are Aerobics?

Aerobics, also known as cardio, are forms of physical exercise combing rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines usually performed to music. Designed to improve all elements of fitness including flexibility, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Aerobic activities will certainly get your heart pumping, helping to burn off body fat and improve your body’s overall shape and tone.

What do I need to look out for when buying a sound system for Aerobics?

Cost, size and weight are usually the first three factors considered when deciding on a fit for purpose sound system. However, we would strongly advise you to consider some other key factors in your decision making and that’s sound quality and overall performance of any potential sound system purchase.

The smaller sized speakers (8” & 10” speakers) tend to sound okay when you are relatively close to them, but their energy levels will drop off quicker, especially if you work with larger groups in larger venues, such as sports halls and gymnasiums etc. What you will find is that the participants towards the back of the class won’t experience the bass and energy as those who are at the front, with their sound experience being tinny and thin sounding (Don’t forget the sound of others moving and breathing will also impact the class sound and experience negatively) which is not what’s required to get everyone energised.

Aerobics fitness instructer showing you how to easily use a portable pa audio speaker system during a class

Larger loudspeakers (12” & 15” speakers) tend to be able to generate more energy and bass, which will fill a room more easily without impacting sound quality, as they throw the sound further, reaching the people at the back with as much energy if not more than the people at the front. Although larger in size, they will offer greater sound versatility, as they will still sound great at lower volumes for the less intensive activities such as yoga or Pilates, so a great choice if you are teaching different styles of fitness.

What is the best sound system for Aerobics?

We believe you are going to need a big sound as well as lots of energy to get your class motivated and energised, with 12” and 15” inch speaker systems highly recommended for this type of application.

15” versions will be louder with more bass, whereas the 12” systems, which compromise a little on energy and volume, benefit from being physically smaller, lighter and in most cases cheaper, making them a little easier to handle, moving from class to class or venue to venue.

The Best Sound System for Aerobics with Aerobics instructer pulling a speaker with wheels

At a lower price entry, we highly recommend the QTX QX12PA-Plus and the QX15PA-Plus portable pa systems, with UHF radio microphones, Bluetooth and USB / SD card reader all included within the system.

Spending a little more will certainly improve the overall sound quality and dynamics of your system. Products such as Alto’s TS312 and TS315 self-powered Speakers come highly recommended, but here’s a word of caution! These products are only self-powered speakers, so you won’t find any microphones or Bluetooth technology for example included. This is why they sound so much better, as every penny invested is on the sound and build quality and not on built-in accessories such as on the above mentioned QTX products. Accessories such as microphones or Bluetooth adaptors would all need to be purchased separately if required.

The Electro Voice ZLX series and the Yamaha DXR series speakers (again no microphones included) will be a more expensive purchase than those of Alto and QTX, but will offer you vastly superior sound quality and reliability. It’s also worth a mention that instead of the standard 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty offered on most cheaper products, these branded speakers offer anywhere between 3 years and 7 years warranty cover, giving you total peace of mind should an issue arise in the future.

Those with larger budgets to spend may wish to consider for example, the RCF J8 and J-MIX 1400w portable Line array systems. Boasting a 12” sub bass speaker combined with a small and extremely lightweight 8 x 2″ satellite top speaker, offers amazing sound quality, coverage and energy, plus lots of bass to keep the whole class excited and motivated for the duration of your workout.

How to Avoid Losing Class Members due to ‘cheap’ Unmotivating Sound Quality?

Your sound system will have a major role to play in engaging and motivating all of your class. Having a better-quality sound experience with plenty of energy will make your workouts much more fun and rewarding whilst working your class harder without them actually realising it. Hopefully taking time and selecting the system that’s right for you will help you to stand out from the competition, with a better chance of gaining new members as well as retaining all that you have at present.

Let’s get you the right sound system for your fitness classes

Worry not!… If you are confused or baffled by all the technical stuff, that’s what we’re here for with over 40 years of experience when it comes to fitness audio. Please feel free to get in touch, as we will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the products that are right for You and answer all your questions.

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