Pilates Fitness Audio System Solutions

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From headset microphones, portable sound systems to unique LED lighting, here you will find everything you’ll need to get started, as well as a host of accessories, from speaker stands to protective covers and dedicated cables to complete, enhance and protect your valuable equipment.

What is Pilates?

Pilates or Contrology as it was originally titled by its developer Mr Joseph Pilates, is a popular fitness system practised all over the world, particularly popular in Western countries such as Australia, The United States of America, Canada and of course with us in the UK.

Classed as a mind and body discipline, Pilates demands intense focus, where the actual way that exercises are performed is considered more important than the exercises themselves.

With a number of different variations taught today, the majority of these are based on anywhere up to nine key principles, some of which are, relaxation, concentration, control, breathing and postural alignment. Considered by many to be similar to Yoga, as both disciplines will help with strength, fitness and flexibility, Pilates will however emphasise more on your core strength with Yoga focussing more on flexibility.

What is the best sound system for Pilates classes?

Pilates requires a sound system which will offer superior sound quality, without the need for high volume levels and any heavy bass. Your environment will have a relaxed atmosphere so your music needs to take a step back, as if not, the sound system will become too overpowering and distract your focus and your attention away from your practice. Be careful not to use cheaper speaker systems, the crackles and bad audio quality will also distract or put off the class members and give an ‘unprofessional’ feel to your class.

Most of the more compact sized sound systems will give you fantastic results within this environment, so no real need for large and bulkier systems that are really designed for power. For example, the Alto Uber systems as well as the slightly better LD Systems Road Jack and Road Buddy series which also include if needed, a built-in radio microphone system. These will offer great sound quality as well as portability, especially important when carrying back and forward to the car or different rooms.

What do I need to look out for when buying a sound system for Pilates?

One thing to bear in mind is that if you teach other types of fitness, in particular more energetic types, such as Zumba, Clubbercise etc, then you may need to look more seriously at the slightly bigger systems, so to cover all eventualities, as these smaller systems just wouldn’t generate the energy levels required for these types of classes.

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